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Wind Woman

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

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I am the Wind Woman

I am the Wind Woman whispering through the trees

rustling their leaves with laughter

twirling the air in constant rhythm

of motion, bright and cold in

early spring, playful with hints

of warmth, evoking smiles born

from breezes that bring them

out of their docks to sail smoothly

across rippling waters, their flags

flapping to the tempo of my voice

beating to the rhythm of my breath.

I am the Wind Woman

lightly passing over

your skin, delighting

in gentle afternoons

beams of sunshine floating

on my dancing wings

open and welcoming

as blossoms, their faces

brilliant and shining, awakened

to the buzzing of bees, arisen

to the trilling of birdsong.

I am the Wind Woman

whipping wildly in the night

proclaiming my power

sending you down the path

with my strong gusts

and while you sleep, I too shall rest

stilled until the dawn

when with my wispy fingers I’ll slip

through the cracks of your windowsill

soft as the sparrows’ wings

floating on the steady beat

of dreams.

Copyright Stacie Eirich, September 1 2022.

✍In publishing news, I'm excited to have new writing out in two different publications this month: Synkroniciti Magazine & The Bluebird Word. Both are lovely, artistic spaces for writers and artists that I'm proud to have my work included in.

I'm also anticipating more forthcoming poetry publications this fall, and am looking forward to sharing them with you in the months ahead.

🎼In music news, The Stay at Home Choir has just completed rehearsals & recordings for our second Album, and will begin rehearsals for our next project, One World, this month! One World is a collaborative project with Sir Karl Jenkins and The World Choir for Peace, and will be released in June 2023 as a classical album on Decca Records. To say I'm excited is an understatement! To find out more, follow this link: One World with Sir Karl Jenkins

📕September's book club pick is: The Samurai's Garden by Gail Tsukiyama. A historical fiction novel set in Japan in the 1930s, here's my video book review:

Thank you for visiting my monthly blog; it's readers and listeners like you who inspire me! Have a scintillating September, and stop by again in October for some autumn artistry.

In Verses & Song -Stacie ✍🎵🌼

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