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Resplendent Love

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

The bitter winds of January have flown, and though my heart has always held a soft spot for the winters of my childhood — I'm longing for a gentler spring to come. For warmth, health and time.

The following poem was written with time in mind. Specifically, the time we spend with our partner, years spent giving and receiving love.

Resplendent Love

He stoops to kiss her hand, tender and true

in golden light, wispy white hairs dancing.

He buttons his sweater against

the breeze, autumn’s crisp reminder

of time, falling scenes of memories

played out through the days

of his life beside her — friend, lover,

husband, father,

teacher, playmate, confidant,

caregiver, soothsayer, grandfather —

He bends, sits with her

on the garden bench.

Together they watch

the lilies and rhododendrons sway,

listen to the buzzing of insects,

tinny calls of birdsong.

A companionable silence blossoms,

in the gleaming courtyard

they become lovers again,

stitched together by hearts entwined,

their devotion boundless, their love

luminous as stars.

Copyright @ Stacie Eirich, February 1, 2022

I hope you enjoyed this romantic poem, and that you celebrate love this February! 💗

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Thank you for visiting my blog. May your February be warmer, kinder, and filled with love.

Happy Reading! -Stacie

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