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Poetry for Peace, Season 4: A New Dawn

You can listen to the newest season of my podcast, Poetry for Peace, beginning January 15th, 2024. I’ll be sharing a new poem with discussion afterwards in each episode.

Poetry for Peace is produced with the intention of giving listeners a space in their day for a pause, a space to sit back, take a breath and listen. Each episode is around 10 minutes or less. I’ve shared poems of nature, of beauty and music and sunlight — but also poems of humanity, of sorrow, grief and darkness. Yet it is always the light that slips back in, joy slicing through what aches.

In 2024, my family is starting a new life together after our child’s cancer, after treatment, after a year of grief and change. Our journey to a cure doesn’t end after treatment — but it is different, allowing us to be active in a world of beauty, of laughter, of wonder — a world that isn’t about cancer every moment, but will always be impacted by it. The poems I share in Season 4: A New Dawn will reflect this space for fresh beginnings, for reflection, for healing and for all the light we can bear to let in.

You can find Poetry for Peace on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google & more. For all options, visit the podcast‘s website:

Thank you for reading & listening, for supporting the arts, my child & our family on our journey to a cure. If you aren’t already following our journey and you’d like to, visit:

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