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Poetry for Peace, Season 2

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Last fall, I began a podcast called Poetry for Peace. In the weeks before my child’s diagnosis, I completed 8 episodes. Each episode shares a reading of one of my published poems, along with commentary about the poem, the arts in our lives, and our human experiences. I enjoy sharing poetry aurally, and am blessed to find the space and positive energy to lend my voice to verses again.

In honor of National Poetry Month, in April 2023 I’ll be sharing 8 new episodes of Poetry for Peace, beginning on Wednesday, April 5th. I hope you’ll listen and enjoy the poems I share in this second season. April is a month of joy for my family, as my child and I travel home for a break in cancer treatments and 15th birthday celebration.

You can find Poetry for Peace on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, & more. For all options, visit the podcast‘s site at

Thank you for reading & listening, for supporting the arts, my child & our family on our journey to her cure. If you aren’t already following our journey and you’d like to, visit:

In verses, art & song,

Stacie & Sadie

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