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Leaning into Light

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

With the sights and sounds of summer nearly upon us, I'm enjoying every lingering moment of spring. It's still cool enough to enjoy mornings and evening outdoors, listening to chirrups of birdsong, feeling a soft rushing breeze. It's a luxury to sit outside on a weekend morning with nothing calling to me on the calendar. Here's a new poem written on one of those mornings.

While Having Coffee on a Saturday Morning

I feel the day awaken, fresh with golden light blooming, see tulips opening, pink petals waking to splendorous sun, hear the frogs croaking, low throaty moans against soft winged trills above, watch squirrels rush up the bark tree branches luminous with green, listen to the rush of motors on the highway beyond the whirring buzz of a saw behind the fence, sip slow the caffeinated warmth, linger in rustling breezes carrying leaves into delicate dances, observe the bright wings of a redbird hopping along the lawn, quick and inquisitive he searches for breakfast, softly chirruping, watch cotton clouds pass over, white forms enormous in the blue, flowing fast through aquamarine light. My coffee goes cold, so much beauty seeps into my skin. I linger… I give thanks for sunlight, for spring, for a Saturday morning spent underneath that open, exquisite cloud-filled sky. Copyright @ Stacie Eirich May 1, 2022

Musically, I'm currently enjoying taking part in a project with The Stay at Home Choir that has us co-writing lyrics for a new piece with composer & conductor Gareth Malone. The creative outpouring that has arisen so far is enormous, and I'm savoring every moment listening, learning and diving deep into the process.

Here is the choir's previous track rehearsed and recorded with Gareth in the spring of 2021, the lovely Locus Iste, which to date holds the record for our largest number of choristers (1500!) to record a single project.

Having spent April immersed in reading, writing and promoting poetry for National Poetry Month, I fell behind on my novel reading and book reviews. I did finally finish our April library club book (just in time for our meeting!) and have also now completed my video review.

The book club members had mixed feelings on this one, as did I, yet because of the authenticity of its setting and exploration of three women's lives - including how they intersected and changed - I think it's well worth reading. Take a peek at my review below!

Thank you for visiting my monthly blog; your support of my creative endeavors is reason to continue writing, singing and creating every day. Have a marvelous May, and I'll hope to "see" you here again when summer begins. In Verses & Song -Stacie ✍🎵🌷

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