Stacie Eirich

 Author, Singer, Dreamer

Daughter, mother, author, singer — Stacie is a dreamer who began writing and performing at a young age. She studied English, Music, & Psychology in college, and earned a Masters Degree in English Studies from Illinois State University. 

Stacie has written and published poetry, short fiction and a children's fantasy series: 
The Dream Chronicles. She lives on the Northshore of New Orleans, where she spends her days mothering, writing, and singing.  

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My Path, My Purpose


What makes a life blossom

like the petals of a daffodil,

blissful, bright yellow in its splendor

in the breathless breezes of a warm spring? 


What creates the happiness of a year played

in harmony and peaceful tranquility, passing 

gently as the morning dew upon fresh grasses, 

in the cool of a shaded April garden? 


What brings content to a month spent 

in quiet contemplation and creative musings

amongst nature's delights and the dazzlements of the page,

scrawled upon 'neath the sunlight of a blossoming poem? 


What do I feel of a day occupied by the path

I have taken, the one sprayed with flowers of passion and promise,

the one swelling with endless words and staves, lines and notes, stanzas and arias 

that fall from my fingers and lips like rain, wetting my soul with spirit? 


Only joy, such bright and astounding joy could I ever make or create, bring or feel, 

that I have filled my life with poetry and music, stories and song,

Only gratefulness can I express to have chosen these things as

my path, my purpose —


And that has made all the difference.

Copyright @ Stacie Eirich May 2, 2022

*With gratitude & acknowledgement to Robert Frost for his inspirational last line from

The Road Not Taken, which can be read via The Poetry Foundation at the link below:

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Maya Angelou


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